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Kopfscheinwerfer LEDLENSER MH10 600

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  • Kopfscheinwerfer LEDLENSER MH10 600

Kopfscheinwerfer LEDLENSER MH10 600

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KIT : LedLenser SEO5 + Helmet Connecting Kit

A radiant head is preferable to a shiny forehead.

The MH10 is the lightest Ledlenser headlamp of its brightness levels. It is equipped with a red taillight as well as color filters for various different uses. And its USB 3.0 charging system offers an international standard for comfortably charging your Ledlenser. Perfect for hunters, fishers, hikers and everyone who is looking for extremes outside.

Light Function
Power, Mid Power, Low Power

Light Source
Amount LEDs: 1
LED type: Xtreme LED
Color White
Color temperature [K]: 6.000 to 8.000
Color rendering index (CRI):  65

Light Values
  Boost Power Mid Power  Low Power
Light output1 [lm]    600 250 10
Beam distance1 [m]    150 100 20
Run time1 [h]   10 15 120

weight: 158 g

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